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Water Heater Repair Costs

Hot water heater repair costs can vary significantly based on several factors. Every market is different in terms of what providers offer, their pricing, seasonality, etc. Furthermore, customers should always ensure that the water heater repair company they utilize is licensed, bonded, and insured. Beware of a low-ball estimate on your water heater repair price as there is a chance that outliers like that may very well be an unlicensed contractor.

Hot Water Heater Repair Price

What does the price of water heater repair include? Here are the most common components that make up your quote:

  • Materials (parts, equipment)
  • Actual services rendered (e.g. thermostat replacement, fuel line inspection, etc.)
  • Cleanup
  • Sales Tax

Very important you ensure your water heater repair costs include all of these and if not to specify you would like an "out the door" cost for the service.

Hot Water Repair Costs Frequently Asked Questions

What price range should I expect for the repairs?

Depending on the service needed, you should expect to pay between $100-$300 for a water heater repair services. This can also vary if it is an emergency repair where immediate service is needed.

Are there financing options available?

Typically water heater repair is much less expensive than a new water heater installation or replacement, so financing options are less common.

What type of guarantee is offered on repairs?

All service is guaranteed 100% and if anything goes wrong with the repair we made or as a result of we will come out to fix it right away.

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